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Special Transformer

Special Transformers

Special Transformer are manufactured and supplied as per our customer’s requirements, which include Furnace Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Auto Transformers and High Voltage Testing Transformers.

Furnace Transformers:

The operating conditions for furnace transformers are different from the one for general use power transformer. Therefore, furnace transformers are considered to be equipped with advanced characteristics like High reliability, Sufficient Short Circuit Tolerance, Advanced Coil Drying Technique, Long Life On-load Tap Changer and Coil structure appropriate for low voltage and heavy current.

Rectifier Transformers:

Used in metallurgic and chemical procedures, Rectifier transformers (also called furnace transformers) are used for their power to support the current in an extreme short-circuit. The rectifier circuit used in most electronic power supplies is the single-phase bridge rectifier with capacitive filtering, usually followed by a linear voltage regulator.

High Voltage Testing Transformers:

Our High Voltage Testing Transformers are widely used for testing a extensive variety of generation, transmission and distribution apparatus.